Welcome to The World Wide Glen Blog (a.k.a. Welcome To My Thoughtmare), the personal blog of author and music journalist Glen Boyd.

Glen started The World Wide Glen in 2006 on Blogspot, where it remained for six years until he took it down in June 2012. The new, improved version launched at its new home on WordPress in August 2012.

Glen Boyd is a longtime music journalist whose work has appeared in SPIN, The Source, The Rocket, Tower Records Pulse and others. He is also a former music editor for Blogcritics Magazine, where he still occasionally contributes. Glen’s first book Neil Young FAQ was published in May 2012 by Backbeat Books, a division of the Hal Leonard publishing house.

The World Wide Glen, however, is where Glen does his slumming — writing about topics ranging from music, pop culture and entertainment to politics, religion, conspiracies, pro-wrestling, UFOs and whatever else happens to be on his mind — often in the wee morning hours. Unconfined by the constraints of editors, publishers and other such inconveniences, this where we basically just let the shit fly, and sort out the details later. It isn’t always pretty, but we guarantee you won’t be bored.

Welcome To The Thoughtmares of Glen Boyd — occupying the World Wide Web since 2006.


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  1. Hi Glen! You are very illusive it seems as it’s hard to find links to contact you. I have a question for you. I saw your review of Johnny Winter’s live album on blogcriitics.org. I saw Johnny in concert at the Fillmore East either 1970 or 1971. The Fillmore gigography only says “Johnny Winter and” without saying who the “and” was.

    There was something that happened that night that I found astounding, yet can find no mention of anywhere.

    Linda Rondstadt was one of the opening acts, and she was booed off the stage by the audience who wanted Johnny and didn’t want to hear her warbling. I love her (then and now) and I was heartbroken and embarrassed for her. Bill Graham came out and reamed out the audience in his unique, expletive-laden style, and threatened to close the show (it was the late show.) Instead, he punished us by making us wait at least an hour before Johnny came out. As I recall Rick Derringer was playing with him, and his brother Edgar took the stage as well. It was a great show, but Linda’s humiliation has stuck with me all these years.

    I am also curious about the show because I know during her early solo career, she had future members of The Eagles playing with her. I’ve never seen them in concert, so I’m wondering if I actually saw some of them that night as well.

    Thanks in advance for your response, and keep up the good work!

    • “Johnny Winter And” was the actual name of the band. Can’t recall all the guys names, but Rick Derringer was the second lead guitarist> They made two albums as a band, a self titled studio album (Johnny Winter And) and a live album (Johnny Winter And Live). If you saw Linda around 1971, she likely had at least one (or more) of the future Eagles in her band. Hope that helps.

  2. Actually, my question was more about the Linda Ronstadt incident. I can find no record of it anywhere. Do you know anything about it? Or even what date she toured with Johnny? Thanks!

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