3 comments on “R.I.P. Russ Martin

  1. Nice words Glen. I had not seen Russ in years, and like you, I had no idea that he was sick. But as you said, he definitely was one of the good guys. One of my favorite RM memories was the night after Marillion when he bought a round of drinks (on Capitol) for about 100 people, and almost got fired over it.

    Here’s to ya, Russ.

  2. Glen, tough to top your words which I beleive everyone who knew Russ felt the same way-truly “one of the good guys” and never had a bad word about anyone, even when they deserved it and yes indeed he could laugh out loud!! Missed for sure. Last time I saw him was the 2010 or 2011 Music Industry Christmas party in Portland and we had good time reliving those old times when the music was what mattered most!

  3. I met Russ in the mid-1990s and we developed a great, long-lasting relationship, through his trek to Eugene and Walla Walla. I lost contact a couple years ago and this afternoon “googled” him… and that led me here. Does anyone have more details? Were he and Penni still married? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Roger Tilton, rogertilton@live.com

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